Video Portfolio

Industrial Implant – Waiting for the Sun

I filmed this video during a ski trip using a cheap Nikon Coolpix. In and around White Pass, Washington.

I made it for my friend Giuseppe’s band Industrial Implant from Naples, Italy. One thing that was interesting to me was the idea of combing Nordic-type imagery from the pacific northwest of the united states with the dark, classically-informed sounds of the European II.

The scene where the viewer is being pulled up a ski lift was incidentally my first time ever on skis.

Annen Berg – Riddles of the Worm

The footage for the “Riddles of the Worm” video comes from some educational propaganda film created by Ford Motors in the late 1950s or early 1960s. The idea for the video is pagan americana and the alchemy of working the earth in agriculture and construction.

The lyrics in the last stanza refer to an alchemical process whereby bones, dredged from the earth become [polished, magical] stones. The montage focuses on the dynamism of earth and living materials.

The final instrumental refrain corresponds to glorious and glamourous images of ore and precious stones. This final sequence represents the completion of the alchemical work – on musical, lyrical and visual levels.

Annen Berg – Le Dernier Combat

I edited the Le Dernier Combat video in the basement of Northtown Coffeehouse in Yakima, WA. The basic visual idea for the video was:

“Birds + Occult Symbols”

The footage was downloaded from prelinger’s Internet archive, using all black and white footage. Some of the elements include driver’s safety films, a tourism spot for Miami, some weird experimental video of birds flapping to the psychedelic frequency of rapid edits, as well as anti-japanese WW2 propaganda and some crude softcore bondage from the 1950’s.

One of my big influences is Kenneth Anger, and the style of creating “occult connections” through montage is something he pioneered with works like “Scorpio Rising”, “Invocation of My Demon Brother” and of course “Lucifer Rising”. While not trying to recreate any sequences from those films, the timeline for the Dernier Combat video uses the same psychotronic approach toward occult dynamism.


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